Our primary IT staffing goal is to cover your specific need, cost effectively and efficiently. You might need a consultant for a minimum three month project, a full time hands-on project manager or you might have an existing team that needs staff augmentation to minimize downtime and maintain a consistent level of fullfiment.

Our IT staffing services primary mission is to provide our clients with personnel who posses the highest level of technical expertise and professionalism.

We can also augment your staff with a wide range of application and web development professionals from Java and C++ to HTML and .NET. Whether your needs are a secure intranet, a full-scale E-commerce site featuring the latest CRM software, or an employee management interface, we can supply the professionals you need.

Just In Time Resource
To augment your Help Desk/Desktop environment, Sarvatman provides Just In Time Resourcing. It is not just "skills matching," but provides a trained, "just-in-time" resource. This resource is trained at your location, at our expense, to be the right resource - one who knows your environment, understands your culture, has worked with your team AND has the right technical skills! And, you only pay for them when you need them!

Benefits of Just In Time Resource:
  • Subscribing to Sarvatman Just in Time Resourcing guarantees a consistent level of staffing, overcoming service level fluctuations resulting from vacation scheduling conflicts, sick days.
  • Our solution ensures technically proficient resources, trained and acclimated to your environment. Sarvatman "Perfect Match" candidate will provide immediate, effective, "on demand" end-user support.
  • Sarvatman risk-free candidate matching gets you the resources you need, while freeing your time - valuable time that would otherwise be spent reviewing resumes, doing phone screens, conducting interviews, testing and checking references of candidates from a vast pool of unproven applicants. Wouldn't you rather be spending more time in front of your clients, finding ways to improve service
  • Sarvatman Just In Time Resourcing saves you money. We eliminate support latency time, down time and candidate "search" time. Everyone in business agrees - time equals money, and time saved means money saved.